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When we take an observer perspective, we do not look at the world and think to ourselves “that’s just the way it is.” We instead ask, “why is it this way?” This is the approach taken throughout this book. It depicts in an easy-to-read, clear and simple way, the most basic concepts that make up our human society all while examining whether or not we can do things differently. In the final chapters, dots are connected between mind-bending scientific discoveries which altogether shed light on our true nature and purpose on this planet. If you want to understand why our human society is the way it is, if you want to know what other possibilities exist outside of our current system and if you often wonder about who we are and what we are here for – yet are not satisfied with conventional belief systems – you will enjoy the perspectives shared in this book. Its aim is to assist humanity in seeing the world with a fresh pair of eyes, which will greatly help open our minds enough to create meaningful change in our world.

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One of the best I have read…

Frankie Merrill


It's an easy-to-read, pragmatic, no-nonsense, inspiring piece. As she comments, "Changing the world is an inside job..." The first section is a hard look at how things really are... the rest is what we can do about it.

Rod MacKinnon


I read it all in one go just couldn't put it down. A first class read explained in easy to understand layman terms. Brilliant.

Colin Evans


So much science, theory and religion mixed with politics and personal growth. This thing really gets all the facts right and backs them up. Wish I had read this back when I was in college. It's actually bringing in a chain of thought I encountered when reading Way of the Peaceful Warrior. There is so much more to our lives then just religion, money and jobs. It's so much BIGGER!

Tj Shields


Fantastic piece of work!!! This book should be a best seller!!!!

Andrea Quarin


We've spent the last four years in collaborative co-creation to make sense of the world and had we distilled our research into a book, we may have hoped to come close to what Elina has produced. This book is an incredible piece of work.

Clive Menzies (


Amazing and eye-opening book. The fact that it is written in a clear and simple way makes such a complex topic comprehensible for everyone. I loved the pictures too!

Evelyn Accoto


This book answered all my questions which I was searching since a few years. Best part was that it all can be achieved.

Krishna Chaitanya


This piece means the world to me because it helped me realize the innermost and mysterious potential of myself.

Artie Pascual


This book has everything anyone needs to know to ‘wake up’ and flip the paradigm!

Chip Fernandez


I have to say that it is probably the most direct, concise and easy to understand writing on the subject. It is definitely a book that can be recommended to people that have not even started to question why human society works this way. It was a pleasure to read!

Jose Ivan Lopez


This examines all the questions I have asked about society and why things are the way they are! I look forward to reading and discussing this with others who are open to inquiry.

JoAnn Prosser


One of the most amazing and meaningful books I have ever read.

Hind Kazem


‘How to Change the World’ is not only an in depth and yet simple explanation of how our system actually works. It is a reminder that we are here to learn and move forward as a species. That we are not here to merely compete and survive but to co-create and live in abundance. A true demonstration that with a change of mind, countless possibilities arise.

Steven Velez


After reading the first few pages I was hooked. It is a master piece. I don't read all that many books but this one I could not stop reading. It's the only book I've ever read in a day!

David Wright


This book takes pieces of information which have been drifting around, and puts them together in a beautiful, easy to follow way, which not only puts diverse and sometimes far-out bits of knowledge in context but also makes sense and paints the big picture. This may be the magic that would make it accessible to folk who would otherwise have difficulty relating to this kind of content in its scattered form.

Santo Einha


I already knew about everything you said, but you say it so eloquently. The more people that write about this, the more informed our fellow humans will become.



You might call it thinking big. I call it thinking smart. Creating, sharing, honing in on our individuality, redesigning the whole, questioning our beliefs to see what best serves us. This book may very well illustrate ideas to you in a way you never got to see so clearly. This book may help you see the forest a little clearer through the trees.

Joshua Townsend

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